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Presents You The All New
Forged Carbon FIber


Forged carbon is a new process of producing material by shredding sheets of carbon fiber and forming a new structure that it not woven, but is able to provide even more strength. Once the shredded carbon material is placed into the moulds, special resin is added, vacuumed and heat treated to produce a strong product, with a unique marble-like look. This process is used in super cars and hyper cars, but on small scale items since the rigid material is difficult to conform to certain shapes. VIS Racing Sports has been able to make the material confirm to the desired products and will now offer the finish in much larger items such as trunks, hoods and hatches. The strength, aesthetics and capability to produce large items in this material will add another unique attribute to VIS Racing Sports portfolio.

Forged Carbopn Fiber
Forged Carbopn Fiber

Introducing 3K to 12K Carbon Fiber

VIS Racing Sports is best known for our 3K carbon, which is also known by 2x2 or twill. This pattern is the most recognizable and utilized across many platforms for its uniform and 3D characteristics. The result of producting parts with this material is added strength aside from a race inspired finish.

With the 3K being used by so many since the late 90’s in aftermarket aero parts, others are now turning to 12K carbon. The higher number denotes the thickness of the material which yields a stronger product, but a much more visible 3D effect, even from a distance. 12K carbon’s flashy appearance and added strength have made it the ideal material used on super cars and even hyper cars, since the finish must convey what the car is capable of, before it even starts up.

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