What started as an idea of a diehard automotive enthusiast has culminated over a 23 year span to allow VIS Racing Sports to be revered as one of the the industry leaders in aftermarket aero and aesthetic composites. VIS racing’s humble beginnings in 1995 at a small automotive repair shop in Monterey Park California would have never allowed the team to imagine that they would have such an impact on the aftermarket aero scene, since it was all new terriroty at the time. As most grass roots businesses share, VIS Racing Sports created a customer base supplying some of their items that were new to the sport compact automotive market and distributing other manufacturers brands and that led to building customer cars and creating new designs on site, until the move into a large warehouse in 2004 to focus more on the manufacturing side due to the increasing demand for products.

Prior to composite aero components, many highly modified vehicles at the time would have everything that was offered from suspension to sound, but lacked the ability to create their ideal look, with the factory bumpers hindering them. That left little resources to express yourself on the exterior, but once word started spreading of aggressive looking bumpers, side skirts and spoilers spread, there was exponential growth of the aftermarket aero scene for the next decade. Location lent a huge hand in the growth of the company, since many credit Southern California for creating the “Import Scene” and then allowing those others with a similar passions to create products, services, media and so much more in an effort to showcase the lifestyle. Two vechiles in the opening scene of the movie “Torque” were fitted with original designs by VIS Racing Sports as one of the companies notable on screen appearences of the products. There were always various involvements in other movies, shows and related media. This showed how much of an impact this scene was making as a sub culture, but one of the biggest indicators even up until now is the Fast and Furious franchise that VIS Racing Sports was heavily involved in. Aside from being apart of the majority of all vehicles seen on the screen and in the key scenes, the body kit and spoiler were designs made by VIS Racing Sports exclusively for the infamous black hijack Honda Civics. VIS racing sports grew a lot on the fiberglass and carbon composite side, but wanted to also venture into polyurethane and that led to the acquisition of Wings West International in 2004, since they were also one the leading pioneers of their industry. One of most iconic vechicles to be on screen for that product line would be Jesse’s Volkswagen Jetta from the first Fast and Furious movie.

VIS Racing Sports deals in all areas of the business, although the large portion is working with vendors to distribute the products, they still deal direct with the end user on a retail level. The main reason is that it comes down to still being the grassroots company that wants to assist in bringing an individuals ideas to fruition since the creation of the business was to provide products to automotive enthusiasts, as enthusiasts ourselves. High volume production with quality and consistency is what has set the brand apart and that has been a strength that has allowed VIS Racing Sports to be sought after by race teams and private label companies. Other services provided are to clients looking to produce parts that can not only stand up to the rigors of functionality, but still meet aesthetic criterias of most discerning clients. Race and custom applications are the niche that not many know of with VIS Racing Sports, but the backbone will still be receiving the best product to price ratio. With the company’s long standing involvement with the industry, processes have been utilized to balance all attributes without straying too far into another, unlike competitors who will offer a much lower price, but compromise on quality and those that produce similar or slightly better products that are either far too expensive for the mass market, or made at a very slow pace.

Innovation and improvements are always in the works with the company, whether it is announced or addressed internally with issues that are noticed behind the scenes, because being content does not always mean that changes are not needed. No matter how small the issue may seem, we will always strive to be the company built by enthusiasts, to help other enthusiasts and use that as the driving force to lead growth in the right direction.

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