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Receiving Instructions

When the part arrives, open the box and wrapping to inspect the entire part for any damage at all, BEFORE signing anything (regardless how good OR bad the box looks).

Should there be damage, pictures MUST be taken of the issue and any other damage/flaws on the box. Then you will refuse the part as "Damaged", not sign anything, and send the pictures to the seller. If it is something small that you, or a shop can fix for little to no money, then you can choose to accept the part at your discretion to save time. Scratches, Surface blemishes, and Small hairline fractures are common, both will be addressed by the shop during prep.

If anything was wrong at all, damage, flaw or otherwise and you do not want to keep it and fix, write Damaged on the receipt, refuse it and do not write or say ANYTHING else to the driver since they may manipulate or misinterpret what you say to take responsibility off themselves. Signing before checking, or anytime other than when the part checks out, WILL WAIVE your insurance. You do not have to elaborate on anything you put, so the best advice is to not offer up anything.

  1. "Contactless Delivery" due to COVID-19
  2. Test Fit All Parts
  3. Return and Exchange

Q: "Contactless Delivery" due to COVID-19

Due to the pandemic, many freight companies have started implementing what they refer to as “Contactless Delivery”. They will oftentimes reach out to you via email, phone call, or text, but in some instances, we have been informed that they’ve just dropped off the package as other small parcel couriers would. Should your delivery fall into this category, please inspect the part immediately for damage and reach out to the freight company directly, and then to us within the same day. Please also take pictures of the damages to the product and any other damages/flaws to the box. Failure to notify the freight company the same day will waive your right to claim insurance for any issues.

When notifying the freight company of damage, please do not hinder your chances by saying anything more to them than the item is damaged. Any additional information you provide of how, why, or anything else regarding the damage may work against you.

Q: Test Fit All Parts

You must now test fit and notify the seller of any issues, before 5 days have passed. After that, they cannot open a case here to take care of fitment issues or anything of that nature. If parts are deemed to not fit within reason, an RMA will be sent for you to fill out and email back. You will then be issued an RMA number and BOL to have the part/s picked up and shipped back for replacement or refund. Should you just not want the part for any reason within the 5 days, you will still submit and RMA form and be provided a number, but you will be responsible for shipping back to us. All original packaging must be used and parts must be returned in the same condition received and free from damage or modifications. Returns that are not refused properly for damage and refused at the time of delivery, or any reasons that we acknowledge are for bad fitment will be subject to a 30% restocking fee off the price of the item and without the original shipping. Any parts that come in damage will be refused, and you as the shipping will have to file claim with your freight company. Test fit pictures for fitment issues must be with parts "dry-fitted" to the vehicle with no alteration or damage to the part. Images must be with full view of part on car (i.e. Front bumper shot with full front end in shot and each side.) Close up images may accompany the mandatory shots, but will not be accepted on their own. No items are or implied to be OEM fitment, so there may be common issues that would be taken care of by your body shop within reason, depending how well you want the items to fit. This is not limited to sanding, trimming, adding material, block sanding, modification to the part, vehicle brackets/hinges/reinforcements/etc. Should there be any questions, please contact your rep before your order is finalized and shipped.

Q: Return and Exchange

The return process will require the part to be brought back by freight for their own inspection and once damage refusal is acknowledged and approved by them, the part/parts are then returned to our facility, where at that time the replacement or refund will be processed. This may take 1-2 weeks minimum to receive at our facility before proceeding with refund/replacement, depending whether the process was done correctly, return time of the parts and availability should it be a replacement.