1. What do I do when I receive the shipment from trucking company?

Q: What do I do when I receive the shipment from trucking company?

When receiving shipments via truck, it is important to understand and accept the obligations of being a receiver of freight. To make the delivery go smoothly, follow the below guidelines:

Before signing the carrier’s delivery receipt:

  1. Count the number of cartons and verify the number being shipped from the receipt.
  2. Visually inspect the physical condition of the cartons for any rips, tears, punctures, crushed corners etc. You must notate these discrepancies on the delivery receipt before you sign and accept the shipment. Failure to do so will imply you have received the shipment in good condition, by which you have accepted complete responsibility and liability for the contents.
  3. If damaged is discovered after the driver has left, contact the shipper and carrier IMMEDIATELY. Keep the packaging and damaged contents for later inspection.
  4. If the cartons are heavily damaged, you have the option of refusing the delivery. Please write “Refused Due to Damage” on the receipt, then sign appropriately.

Please take the time to examine the condition of the cartons before signing and accepting the delivery. The shipper and the carrier cannot be held liable if the proper notations do not appear on the delivery receipt.